Sweeting Hunt Security provides both armed and unarmed security for clients.  Our employees come from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies exhibiting the professional demeanor and training necessary to effectively serve clients.



Sweeting Hunt Security provides background checks for clients.  Whether it is for prospective or current employees, coaches in youth sports, officials in youth sports, or possible renters of your property, we will complete a thorough background investigation revealing pertinent information you may need to make a more informed decision.  Sweeting Hunt Security has very competitive rates and quick turnaround time to get you the information you need in a timely manner.



Providing a safe environment for participants, employees, media and spectators at special events is a priority for event planners.  Sweeting Hunt Security has experience in this field with employees who have performed this service in law enforcement for decades.  We will coordinate your next special event and provide a safe and secure environment for all who are involved in it.  Sweeting Hunt Security will allow you to focus on your event while we provide an environment for all to enjoy your event.



Sweeting Hunt Security provides executive protection for celebrities, dignitaries, executives and other high profile people.  Our training and experience allow us to coordinate a level of security and protection expected for this critical responsibility.  Site advance field work, assessing threat levels and prioritizing protection ensures those protected are being surrounded by competent professionals.



All too often violence is a reality on school campuses throughout our country.  Bullying, threats, violence to students and staff, vandalism and shootings unfortunately occur at an alarming rate in today’s schools.  Administrators must make providing a secure campus for students and staff a priority.  Many schools are transitioning from public security including local police departments and Sheriff’s Offices to private security.  Sweeting Hunt Security has the ability to provide a safe environment for school campuses.  Our employees know how to relate to students and are trained in observing activity which may be indicative of future problems for a campus and those at the campus.  Our employees also know how to tactfully gather information from those on campus who all too often know details administrators should know to foster a safe environment but are reluctant to divulge in fear of retaliation from other students.  Again, our extensive training and experience make Sweeting Hunt Security a great choice for administrators to use our employees to foster a safer and more enjoyable environment on campuses.