About Us



Sweeting Hunt Security, LLC. is owned and operated by two former City of Sarasota Police Department officers with decades of experience in units including patrol, narcotics, traffic and K9. Licensed and insured in the State of Florida, Sweeting Hunt Security, LLC. has a wealth of knowledge in security related issues and provides security consulting, executive protection and both unarmed and armed security services to clients domestically and abroad. If you need security make the call today and receive a free consultation. It is the right call!


Currently, Sweeting Hunt Security, LLC. is in the process of negotiating to be the provider of security for an establishment in Freeport, Bahamas. Security will be provided for the property and for the guests visiting the property. Executive protection will also be provided to certain high profile guests and certain employees.

Locally, Sweeting Hunt Security, LLC. recognizes individuals, certain establishments and businesses have a need for security services. Schools, movie theaters, and other areas with a high volume of people are places where security needs to be a priority. Sweeting Hunt Security, LLC. is in the process of reaching out to these clients to offer their services to make a safer and more secure environment for these places. All too often in today’s environment we see example after example of violence in the workplace, in schools, and in the movie theaters. Sweeting Hunt Security, LLC. wants to make a difference locally for these establishments and offer their services to minimize this risk.